• What does your animal have to tell you?
  • Is your cat not feeling well and do you want to find out the cause?
  • Does your dog have a behavioral problem and do you want to know how to fix it? 
  • Is your horse in pain and does treatment by a vet not help?  

In my work as an animal interpreter and coach, I provide clarity through communication with the animal.

  • A reading provides insight into problem behavior and reveals physical, mental or emotional blockages. A reading can also be used to ask a specific question, to deepen the bond with your animal or to make contact with a deceased pet.
  • A healing helps with stress, pain, blockages or trauma. A healing is also useful to facilitate the transition to another situation.
  • Using coaching you can make contact yourself or help your animal in case of pain or illness.

Interested in one consultation? Look here for the possibilities and prices or take Contact on through info@animalhealercoach.nl or on +31 (0)615566391. For (online) courses and meditations see the webshop www.luisterennaardieren.nl or check the agenda below.