About me

Animals have always played an important role in my life. From an early age I had a strong bond with my pets and everywhere I went animals came along my path that needed my help. My empathic abilities were so strong that even as a child I could listen to animals. I helped animals in need and committed myself to denounce animal suffering and to improve the situations of people, animals and the environment. After high school I started living more from my head. I studied Dutch law and worked as a lawyer.

In my mid-twenties I became incapacitated for work due to serious physical complaints. Soon after, my father died of cancer too young. For years I was in rehabilitation. Since regular medical care was not sufficient, I started studying alternative medicine. I took several courses in acupressure, reiki and Quantumtouch. Based on my experiences, I have developed my own vision of the holistic healing process. Central to this is coming into your (soul) power and addressing the self-healing capacity of the organism.

I wanted to feel more inspired in the things I did, so from 2008 I started working with neglected animals at shelters. Working with animals is my passion. Through my own experiences and empathic abilities I can understand and heal animals on a deep level. I further sharpened my talents in this area through courses such as Natural Horsemanship, Telepathy and Communicating with animals (by Mieke Zomer), Body balancing (by Carol Gurney) and chakra healing. Since 2016 I have developed several workshops and courses to teach people how to make contact with animals or to become an animal whisperer myself. For (online) courses, meditations and books see the webshop www.luisterennaardieren.nl.

In addition to my work as an animal interpreter and coach, I am a writer. June 2016 is my eco-thriller RAW released and November 2016 the children's book Senna and Anna the adopted dogs. May 2019 is my latest eco-thriller Trials published. This year, in collaboration with illustrator Sofie van den Berg and Know Uitgeverij, I have published a Power animal card set released. I also regularly appear with columns about my work as an animal interpreter in the magazine Spiegelbeeld.

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