Conversation with an animal takes place by telepathically sending and receiving images, thoughts, feelings and impressions. A communication can be done on location or remotely with a photo of the animal. An on-site reading takes 60 to 90 minutes. Prior to the reading I provide a protective field around the animal and afterwards I direct the energies in the right direction, so that a reading also has a healing effect on the animal. A reading through a photo is just as pure and clear as direct contact. In the case of a distance communication, I provide a report of the conversation (by e-mail or telephone) and I can respond to specific questions. When in contact with a deceased animal, I always make sure that the animal is properly led to the light. 

When a reading?

  • You want to know how your animal feels and deepen the bond with your animal.
  • You want to prepare your animal for a move, holiday or a new animal in the family.
  • To gain insight into problem behavior (e.g. fear of abandonment or aggression).
  • To accompany sick animals (in addition to treatment at a veterinarian).
  • Contact with a deceased pet and guidance of deceased animals to the light.
  • Insight into physical, mental or emotional blockages and the possibilities for them healing.