• What does your animal want to tell you?
  • What did you always wanted to know about your cat?
  • Is your dog in pain and isn’t treatment by a vet working properly?
  • Isn’t your horse performing and can’t you find out what’s wrong?

In my practice for reading, healing and coaching answers are found through animal communication.

  • A reading offers insights in problematic behavior and detects physical, mental or emotional blockages. It can also be used to ask your animal a specific question or to deepen the relationship between you and your animal.
  • A healing helps in case of stress, pain, blockages or trauma. Treatment is useful for horses who suffer from muscle tension or a leaning hip stand. Healing is also recommandable to facilitate the transition to a different situation.
  • If you would like to communicate with your animal or want to help release pain or stress, I can help you through coaching I also accompany children and adults with overcoming their fear for animals.

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