About me

Animals have always played an important role in my life. From an early age I had a strong bond with my pets and everywhere I was animals who needed my help came across my path. My sensitive capabilities were so strong that I could listen to animals. I was helping animals in need and was committed to improve the situation of children, animals and the environment. After high school I started to live more ‘from the head’. I studied Dutch law and worked as a lawyer.

In my mid-twenties I became unfit for work due to severe physical problems. At that time my father passed away after a heavy disease trajectory. I then started a long-term rehabilitation process. Since regular medical care brought little progress, I studied alternative medicine and perspectives. I followed various courses in the field of acupressure, reiki and Quantumtouch. From each perspective I integrated what helped me. Based on my own experiences on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, I developed my own vision of a holistic healing process. Central in my vision is finding your own (soul) power and addressing the self-healing ability of the organism.

I wanted to feel more passion in the things I did, so in 2008 I started working with neglected and abused horses at a shelter. I (re)discovered that my heart lay in working with animals. I also noticed I was able to understand and help animals at a deeper level because of my own experiences and empathy. I further developed my talents in this field by courses as Natural Horsemanship, Telepathy and Communicating with animals (by Mieke Zomer). I have expanded my communication and intuitive healing competencies with Body Balancing (by Carol Gurney), body work with horses and chakrahealing.