Healing of physical, mental or emotional blocks is done by means of increasing the vibrational frequency of the energy field of the animal. In case of physical complaints a diagnosis by a veterinarian is always recommended. Additionally, or if regular treatments do not help, a healing offers (pain) release and the self healing ability of the body is activated. A healing can take place independently or in addition to a reading on distance. In some cases, the best results follow from direct body contact. In this case, a healing on location is recommended.

A healing; in which cases?

  • For the removal of physical, mental and/or emotional blockages.
  • To help the healing process (for example, after surgery or in addition to treatment by a vet).
  • In the event of trauma, in combination with a reading.
  • Body work for horses (for better blood flow to the legs, to straighten the hips, to release tensions in muscles and tendons).
  • To facilitate the transition to a different situation (moving, new animal).
  • For stress or pain relief.
  • In the case of terminal care, soften the transition.

After the treatment:

A healing still works for quite some time. The animal should have fresh water at its disposal and as a result of the healing, will need to urinate more frequently. After a healing your pet should get some rest. After body work with horses it is strongly advised not to ride your horse for the rest of the day. The day after the healing session, training can be resumed.