Communicating with an animal takes place by telepathically sending and receiving pictures, thoughts, emotions, impressions and sounds. A reading takes place on the spot or by using a photograph of the animal. A reading takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. I give or send (by e-mail) a general report of the reading or I can address specific questions or demands.

A reading; in which cases?

  • You would like to deepen the relationship with your animal.
  • You want to prepare your animal for a holiday, moving to another place or introducing a new animal.
  • To understand and properly deal with problematic behavior (such as separation anxiety or aggression).
  • To assist animals with health issues or physical problems (in addition to the treatment at a veterinarian).
  • Terminal care or communication with a deceased pet.
  • In case of a loss I can offer help in tracking down the animal.
  • Understanding of physical, mental or emotional blocks and the possibilities for healing.